Covid 19 Information

We understand that holidays are going to be slightly different for some time due to the current and unusual circumstances. Therefore we want to make sure that you feel safe and prepared for your holiday and that you are able to enjoy it as much as you normally would.

We have prepared this short guide for you to read before your arrival. This includes information on the extra steps we have taken to make sure the cottages are ready for you and advice on how you can prepare for your summer holiday.


Extended changeover hours

Our normal changeover cleans are already rigorous. However in accordance with industry guidelines for this situation we are going to edge on the safe side and extend our changeover period to allow extra time to deep clean each cottage between guests. Our new arrival time will now be 4.30 and departure time will be 9.30am. Our cleaning protocol is available for guests on request.


The towels and bed linen will all be washed on a 60 degree hot wash with added Dettol laundry cleanser between guests. Mattress protectors and pillow protectors are to be changed between guests. Before leaving please could all used beds be stripped including the mattress protectors and pillow protectors and placed in the laundry bags provided. Could all towels be placed in the black bin bags provided. If you wish to bring your own bed linen please contact us beforehand.

Cottage furnishings

Following government guidelines we have removed all unnecessary soft furnishings for now such as cushions and throws. We have also taken steps to reduce contamination by removing all books, DVDs and games from the cottages. Crockery and cutlery will be kept to a minimum and cleaned between each guest.

Waste disposal

Please could any rubbish and recycling be removed from the cottage and left outside in tied bags on the morning of your departure. Please sanitise/wash your hands before handling the rubbish and do so again when re-entering the cottage.

Staying healthy during your stay

Hand sanitiser will be available to use near the front door. Please sanitise your hands each time when entering the cottage, please be courteous and leave the sanitiser in position for future guests to use. Soap is available in every bathroom and in the kitchen. Please wash your hands regularly during your stay. Extra cleaning products and cloths have been added in the kitchen for you to use to keep yourselves safe during your visit. It is recommended that high contact areas are wiped down regularly with antibacterial spray.
Please consider the guests in the neighbouring cottages and at all times maintain social distancing.
If any member of your party start to develop symptoms before your holiday it is important that you contact us right away to let us know. Also please let us know if any member of your party develops symptoms during your stay. We are here to help and will offer guidance on what steps to take next.

Our contact number is 01822 481811